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Abax Construction Los Cabos and Mexico City - Project Manager/Supervisor - In charge of a 6 person team revising all aspects of the project and construction. Coordination with interior designers and engineers, clients, owners and contractors in Mexico and abroad for the Ritz Carlton Reserve Hotel in Zadún, San José del Cabo México


In 1982 Architect Fernando de Haro Lebrija, interested in creatively innovating living spaces founded Abax. With ta very tight bond between the two, the architectural and interior conceptual design, Abax specializes in the development of houses and housing hospitality, corporate and retail projects.


The scope of these projects range from the precise analysis of the spaces, development programming, planning, master planning, elaboration of professional construction documents,  architectural drawings, as well as project management and execution of construction to completion. Hand in hand with some of the best engineering firms in the country, as well as their Abax covers a complete set of skills and services which result in great buildings. These embrace interior design, development  fixed and mobile furniture, contracting and supervision of the manufacture of the products, selection or design of accessories, providing spreadsheets by area of​​ work, this being interior design, specifications, and/or construction.


Each client is a unique project in its needs, context and operation, therefore each job reflects unique and specific solutions.


The central offices of Abax are located in Mexico City and currently has offices in San José del Cabo, B.C.S



Ritz Carlton Reserve Los Cabos


This Majestic and ecological resort in the middle of the desert of Baja California, Mexico, offers an astonishing guest-nature relationship without intruding the landscape though permitting a quiet, lonesome interaction with the context. Admitting uncanny views and ravishing moments, The architecture plays with the indoor-outdoor experience while inviting to combine fun and rest activities while conquering a transporting set of mind. With a state-of-the-art proposal, the luxurious but minimal architecture premises offer the spectator a very mexican and, at the same time international challenge of enviroments.


Designed by Architect Fernando de Haro, this hotel provides many levels and terraced spaces layout. Submissive to the landscape but daring to the eye.




New York 

Project Architect- Commercial and residential Architecture. In charge of defining the interior elements and solving issues in all aspects of design and project development. Production of Construction Documents and high standard detail and shop drawings. 


Hotel Le Crillon, Paris 

In a classic historic building, the perfect amalgamated intervention encloses a highly detailed artistic incorporation of spaces of the past and the present. Giving life to this luxurious, yet welcoming environment which transcribes, with a modern high-end proposal, the antique untouched ambience into an original modern hospitality precinct. With a vast spectrum of details perfectly incorporated to the former design, the development of this project allows The Crillon Hotel to give life to an antagonizing though very adequate hospitality machine with the present approach gives a new style, prevailing taste and a very avant-garde architectural trending integration.




New York


Manhattan-based Interior design and Architectural firm Bohn Associates replenishes high-end lifestyle from downtown Manhattan to  up state New York areas as well as all the surrounding boroughs.


Focused on high level housing and commercial, retail and corporate interiors, Bohn designs proposing trends for the exquisite taste that such a metropoly demands.



Gene Kaufman Architect LLC - New York

Gene Kaufman Architect, P.C. (GKA) was founded in 1986 in New York City.  For over thirty years, the firm has specialized in urban development - notably hotels, multi-family housing, adaptive reuse, new buildings for residential, commercial and institutional use, high rises, modular buildings, student housing, historic restoration, conversions and schools.

GSKA has an international reputation for architectural excellence confirmed by more than 100 design awards including the industry’s highest honor: the AIA Firm Award. 


217 Pearl Street, New York 

“The Lower Manhattan redevelopment will include a bevy of luxury hotels,a 660-room Sheraton under construction at 217 Pearl Street being built by local developer the Lam Group. Gene Kaufman, architect for McSam and Lam, points out those companies willingness to go into an untapped hotel market, saying “The Lam Group and McSam stepped into a market that had been overlooked. Now there are others coming in. The rebirth of Lower Manhattan has exceeded expectations — to everyone’s great joy.” Square Feet/Lisa Chamberlain

High-rise, two, (Sheraton over W hotels) stack on top of each other, concrete structure hosts this slim fifty-two story skyscraper in the heart of Manhattan financial district. With a sky lobby for the W hotel on the 34th floor and a welcoming entrance to the Sheraton on at ground level, the project rises with a perfect distribution of room spaces with lower-Manhattan sights and double-height storefront façade over Pearl Street. Providing a quiet stay for guests as well as quick step access to one of New York City’s most desired destination areas.


New York


A+H features an extensive experience in design and construction of a wide range of projects.

Specialties: Mixed use complexes, private residences, galleries, restaurants and retail projects.

Architectural, design, planning, zone, building code and construction consulting firm for the private sector and the construction industry


157 W 111 Street, NEw York PARK NORTH


2005-2007. Rehabilitated an 1890's building (14,000 square feet at 157 West 111 Street, NYC), keeping only the shell.

Project involved site acquisition, coordinating and obtaining

construction financing, and managing building and contracting money disbursements.


Renovation of 1890’s building and conversion to eight condominiums. Two condos will be three bedroom duplexes with private entrances and, three will be bedroom and two will be two bedrooms.


A Boutique, condo building, these stunning 2 and 3 bedroom/2.5 bath duplex oscilate around 1800 square feet and are located steps from one of the most beautiful sections of Central Park. The private entrance leads you into a spacious, light-filled living room with ten-foot ceilings, an open kitchen and a dining area accented with original exposed brick. Wrap-around windows offer Southern and Western exposures and unobstructed views of the park.


The Farber House, Poundridge NY


His minimalistic new construction project entices the good harmony between the landscape and outdoor life into the dwelling unit as well. A very simple and subtle wall made of concrete supports the whole house’s ceiling, opening the interior space to the outside. Creating a wide range of possibilities of arrangements without blocking the views and bringing nature into the interior design. 

The transparent glass façade entitles the user to interact with the exterior spaces giving a fresh and nature-driven context and, at the same time protects the indoor space from the harsh environmental changes of up state New York. Oriented to Mallard Lake and following the sun’s journey, this quarterage plays with the public and private areas inside with a single wall. Obtaining the most out of very few structural elements and making the user’s stay point-on-point more pleasant.





At MMA, the belief is to guide projects from initial conception to final certificate of occupancy.  Either for first-time architectural proposals to seasoned developers, the intention is always to see the project through to the finish line.  With years of experience, the knowledge, foresight, and expertise to help clients maximize their impact while avoiding some of the pitfalls of construction.

An in-house team of professional expeditors are a crucial and unique asset to the firm. Working seamlessly with the design team, in-house expediting allows the dexterity to maneuver through the various city agencies with faster turnaround time than the competitors.


A series of residential, commercial, and multifamily projects such as lofts, apartments and throughout all five boroughs of New York City, this office provides a complete scope of work from initial familiarity with clients and initial design to expediting and construction management and detailed completion of projects.


50 Orchard street


This Fort Greene waterfront building reflects a perfect example of a dwelling architectural proposal unit which MMA gets its credibility from. Open spaces, perfectly respectful for the many times historically-preserved existing structures with a much elegant and tasteful hand in the design.

Landscape w john copy.jpg



CANY is a building enclosure consulting firm offering full architectural and engineering services. 

New Construction and the restoration of Existing Buildings. Our clients include Owners, Developers, Property Managers, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Manufacturers, and other Consultants across the country.

The CANY service is direct, hands-on and highly responsive. We create tailored solutions to complex problems. Providing special inspection services in full compliance with the requirements of local building codes. CANY Architecture + Engineering, DPC is an IAS-accredited NYC Special Inspection Agency for wall panels, curtain walls, and veneers; EIFS; and masonry. 

In recent years, New York State has made changes to the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) relating to Parking Garages. This update now requires parking garage owners and managers to provide Operating Permits in conjunction with a periodic Condition Assessment every three years directed by a qualified professional engineer and includes an on-site inspection and submission of a report citing any evidence of deterioration, unsafe conditions or structural instability. Highly experienced in performing assessments of this type and can assist in developing stabilization and repair protocols for parking garage code requirements that minimize disruption and avoid any unnecessary interference with parking activity. We have a strong history of providing informed inspection and working with owners to develop pragmatic plans for remediation if necessary.

670 BWY.png
Katz Womans.png

Prepare / review details and specifications for the Owner, Developer, Architect, CM or GC to insure the proper interface, performance and function of the various components of the building enclosure.  

CANY observes mock-up erection/testing and field-testing including onsite spray-rack and chamber tests. Our experienced field personnel monitor job progress, inspect and photograph work and prepare reports for review by the project design professional(s) and Owner. In full compliance with the requirements of local building codes, we provide Special Inspection Services.

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