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The level of detail provided to the school project in the new proposal withdrew plentiful of needs which were addressed in the highest possible manner. Waterproof systems, shop integration design, finishes and topography alterations to mention only some.

Furniture and landscape architecture represented a crucial part of the project as well. 

A series of stages of development in the construction of the new addition were mandatory and key to the completion of site construction due to the non-stop use of the premises while construction took place and safety  came in as the prime determiner.


Soundproof and temperature isolation also were aspects of importance to take into consideration on design prevailing aspects.


A team of excellence skill architects was gathered to ensure these high standards were met along with the school authorities and working hand in hand with consultants and specialists ensured the great results which made this project stand out in mexican educational architecture.


Liceo Mexicano Japonés

An intervention teamed with Tron Architects resulted in an organic, well integrated to the existing school. The prestigious institution demanded the kindergarten renovation to preserve the existing building while creating a new skin along with new uses, adapting features and more student intake. 

The project revitalized the whole institution’s environment. relating the student’s more to the gardening and outdoor experience. Artistic and performing spaces relate to the project perfectly as well as defining purposeful new premises for children to attain more of their learning atmosphere. Creating a highly inspirational set of elements which also connects them to the japanese-mexican idiosyncrasy that emblematizes the schools’ philosophy.




This high-end mastering and audio-processing precinct hosts numerous works of sound for clients around the world. It was the first of its kind as a distance listening room which allowed clients in Mexico City to come and listen to tracks in real-time while configuring and altering them without losing the quality of sound. With top-of-the-line gear and state-of-the-art materials, some of which were custom-made, the architectural and interior sound design created this one-of-a-kind in Mexico City studio a useful facility that entitled clients to work on their music or audio tracks without compelling them to travel.




Exuberant private mini loft in the south of Mexico City displays a rustic but luxurious cabin-like space that resembles the old hacienda houses in the villages of the Mexican countryside. 

With the difference in commodities, the assertive double-height allows the apartment’s rooms to remain as a whole. Quiet and astonishing, this modern yet rural-looking loft engaged the client in a more minimal and order-driven standard of living. Preserving an authentic Mexican outline, rustic materials turn the space an astonishing gem hardly found in this megalopolis. Adjacent to huge mansions in a residential-only neighborhood, this forty-five tiny marble silently shines in between the chaotic, arbitrary and non-controlled Mexico City’s high class.


Forged iron work, all prime woodwork and paint details create an ambience of a village life though with all the infrastructure that such a city has to offer.


Walking distance to the major College in Latin America, The Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) this little apartment has received much appreciation among students and residents who come to the capital to attend the campus.

HED 1.png

This is a project which emerged by the need of expansion of this destination restaurant/bar in New York City. Originally located in the up and coming DUMBO area in Brooklyn,  the tiny venue became so popular that it began to call for a bigger venue. Without any restrictions but a low budget, the award-winning restaurant resulted in a conversion of recycled materials, reused furniture and new staff, giving life to this very unique, state-of-the-art eat-in magical space. One that gives a Mexican vibe together with a very New York  City lifestyle experience for the vast traffic of thie expectating customers. Project was designed together with Mexican Architect Laura Gonzalez Fierro


HED 3.png
HED 2.png

The performed work on this projects with Emilio Dib was also design oriented but mostly construction management and site supervision in the field. Detailed finishes of a thorough interior design renovation apartments were the main focus of EDA during the time spent working there.


Meticulous contractor work, high-end materials for these addition and renovation projects took place with top-of-the-line proposals by EDA. Clients were very demanding, as well as particular claims and expectations which were adequately met in every case. This is a high paced office that required a high expertise level and a detailed-oriented contractor and manufacturer supervision work. 


Custom design of suspended ceilings and marble wall and floor finishes were requested every time along with furniture and lighting design and fabrication.


The experienced studio EDA represents in Mexico City’s society has widely generated appreciation and public  recognition.




Apartment Renovation Projects Club de Golf


Design and Site Supervision for Emilio Dib Architecture


The housing area of this project accommodates seven apartment buildings, a club for residents and, of course, a golf course which was one of the biggest ones and newest in town. 

Lodging a very high standard of living, the apartments in this dwelling complex encloses proposals of some of the most prestigious architects in the country, some foreign ones as well and, it offers one of the most desired places to live for the wealthy in CDMX.

Bosques 1.jpg
Bosques 2.jpg

A life that demands luxury and top-of-the-line interior design. Expectations in the details of these residential projects were often difficult to meet and most of the time, imports and supervised by the clients themselves.

farm 2 .jpg
farmacia 1.jpeg


Mexico City is a place where anything can happen, A chaotic synchronization of a series of histories, that fight for a chance to coexist. Many interests interact as in any other city, where also budgets are always tight and uses are unpredictable. 

The concept of this project was primarily to keep the visuals and interactions of the exterior connected to the interior. A waiting area which enabled the user to feel related to the exterior existing plaza, in the heart of Colonia Roma, one of CDMX’s prior destination points.


Teriyaki San Fast Food Japanese Restaurants

Japanese fast food chain requiring several renovation, revitalization and new projects. Small shops needed to host specialized equipment and installations as well as compliance with city codes and very strict functional internal rules of operation that were of much economical  importance to the development of the business. Responsibilities included site supervision and project design, contractor work and administration.

teriyaki 2 copy.jpg


House in Ayutla de los Libres - Guerrero, México


Small intervention with a sober design proposal to accommodate a single dwelling unit in the south of Mexico’s Guerrero State, The project combined housing and commercial space which contemplated a crop field which was used to stock the harvested grains and sell them to the pubilc in this tiny Village. The living space accommodated one family and hosted recreational and study activities. It was a challenge to be able to use raw and recycled materials such as mud and wood.


ayutlafinal copy.jpg
corte por fachada.jpg
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