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Site Museum And Villas, Palenque Chiapas - Mexico


The Mayan ruins demanded such respect in an intervention like this that it became the main premise to focus the design process on. It became at the same time the most challenging task to achieve since any idea seemed at first irreverent to the culture, richness and holiness of the site. According to this, building on an excavated depressed surface was conceived. It proposes that roofs over the seven buildings of the complex served as terraces for commercial and recreational activities which today still lack an appropriate solution. This also avoided the building to have a greater visual impact on the rainforest landscape which deserved a well-thought approach as well. Nothing should compete, fight or intrude neither the existing architecture nor the natural surroundings.

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The relationship with the Mayan ruins complex was intended to be very subtle and only suggested in the tracing of the lines that define plazas, patios and walkways connecting the buildings.


With a tremendous respect for the environment and the visual goals the project was very inviting to the mayan surroundings in a very cultural and architectural promenade.


Museum And Villas

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